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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Drag Show at SWIC. April 28th

Once again, here is a reminder about the upcoming Drag Show on Tuesday, April 28th from 12-2pm (with a panel from 2-3pm).
Here is the link to the event page:
**BUT, I would like to know who can be here at swic at/by 9am so we can get into what ever room we will have for the performers and move desks around so they have an area to change their outfits.**
Drag Show Spring 2015
Tuesday, April 28 at 12:00pm
Swic Belleville Campus MC (2nd floor) Theatre

Thursday, April 16, 2015

(ALTON) Karaoke Dance Party April 16th

Happy National High 5 Day. KARAOKE DANCE PARTY tonight 9:30 pm til 1:30 am with DJ Lauren. Open at 5 pm with Jason serving Excellent Drink Specials & $1.00 Jello Shots. Great Music all night and The Blues Playoff game at 7 pm.

(CARBONDALE) Pride Prom 2015

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Can't make it all the way to Evansville for the TSA Pride Prom? Check out the Pride Prom that SRN is hosting next Saturday at 7P!
Pride Prom
Saturday at 7:00pm
Ballroom B, SIU Student Center43 people are going

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MetroEast NEWS: Equality Illinois Advocacy Day - April 15th

MetroEast NEWS: Equality Illinois Advocacy Day - April 15th: LGBT Advocacy Day Equality Illinois Event   Pending Legislation |  March 26, 2015 Equality Illinois is holding our annual LGBT Advocacy...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

All Things In The Fullness of Time

By: Colby Kluthe 
-Metro East NEWS

I suppose it is merely a new way of stating that patience is a virtue,  and not one that I have entirely mastered.   The first time I remember saying it was likely to Bryson regarding his journey and when that m path would lead him back to Joplin.  And dozens more times I have reminded myself to be patient and trust that everything will fall into place exactly when it should  and rarely when we want.

Perhaps this is the key to why the phrase has become so annoying to hear myself say or even to think of in my own insomniac mind.  Nonetheless,  it really is as true now as it was t he first time I said it.   If we simply sit back and relax,  the world will no doubt continue to spin just as it has for far longer than any of us can worry about it. 

However the very human part of us it seems  can't help ourselves from fretting the outcome of which is rarely in doubt.  We are always it seems going to wonder when or how soon, perhaps even questioning if we can muster the patience to see.

The example in my life is that I have waited for ten days for my SNAP account to replenish,  allowing me to buy groceries for the coming month.   Admittedly I failed to budget well last month, and therefore the account was spent nearly two weeks ago.   So as anyone would, you get creative and start to uncover the dark and forgotten places in the pantry.  

 To make my point, the pantry has been wiped out except two cans of spinach and a can of green beans,  and a previously opened box of mac n cheese.    Now again, the outcome is not in question for I  KNOW that my SNAP always becomes available on the 12th, at 7 am.    Nonetheless my anxiety finds me unable to sleep and sitting on the couch simply watching the clock and reluctantly watching infomercials that I have undoubtedly seen a dozen times over.

Why is it that the home stretch seems to be the longest mile?  And why must I remind myself "All things in th we fullness of time"?  On this occasion it serves mostly to taunt my psyche it seems.  Much the way life does, in any aspect of consideration. 

And yet, I remind myself and you that the outcome is not really in question.  Grace had it covered long before we began to fret or fidget about any of n it.   And this time as so many times before,  everything falls into place in just the right time.   Again,  not when we wanted but always just as we needed. 

Three hours to go. ..but who's counting 
"All things in the fullness of time "

Friday, March 13, 2015

"First Bloom" Women's History Month Series

Kranzberg Arts Center

Kranzberg Arts Center
501 North Grand Blvd, St. Louis 63103

Hear the voices of St. Louis area women come alive during the first blooms of spring at the prestigious Kranzberg Arts Center this March! Join us every Monday at 6:00 p.m. for the fourth annual installment of the Women’s History Month series “First Bloom”. These events will feature female poets, spoken word artists, vocalists, and musicians.

Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively will be producing and hosting the show and will share some of her work too. There will be a $7.00 cover at the door; 50% of profits go to the Kranzberg Arts Center; the other half to participating artists. Each performer will do two fifteen minute sets, and their books and CD’s will be available for purchase. There will be a full bar and refreshments available as well.

Monday, March 2nd: Poet, Spoken Word Artist, and Educator Mazaré Rogers and Acoustic Pop Musician, Vocalist, and Songwriter Langen Neubacher

Monday, March 9th: Poet, Vocalist, and Spoken Word Artist Basmin Nadra & R&B Musician, Vocalist, and Songwriter Chrissy Renick

Monday, March 16th: Poet, Author, and Educator Kelli Allen and Poet, Artist, and Entrepreneur Dail Chambers

Monday, March 23rd: Experimental Musician, Vocalist, and Songwriter Syna So Pro and Poet, Photographer, and Spoken Word Artist Mocha Williams

Monday, March 30th: Vocalist, Poet, and Spoken Word Artist Charisma Blue and Poet, Editor, and Photographer Jennifer Goldring

Need to contact Metro East Pride Organization?

Here is the latest information on how to contact Metro East Pride Organization regarding fundraising, volunteer opportunities and vendor information.

Contact us on here or via cell at 618-401-4678.

The Power Of One Show is planned for April 11th

Come out and support this awesome organization. They are doing great things and making changes.

MEPSI announces new social media marketing plan.

Its that time of year when the Metro East Pride Organization begins to plan the festival for June, and this year includes the apparent migration from a fan page back to a page intended for individuals.  Nonetheless those who are interested in the festival are being asked to send a friend request to the new profile page.  Of course you can get information about the upcoming events, fundraising efforts and vendor information there.

Currently the MEPSI website is not working and there is no word on its relaunch as of yet.   Here is the statement made by the MEPSI fanpage today.

Hey everyone... We started a new friends page on Facebook. So send us a request or accept the one we send you. This page just is a little easier to use compared to the fan page. The friend page is under Metro East Pride. It has our logo as the picture!!

Fundraiser Alert!

Come out Saturday starting at 12:00pm for a chance to win 4 tickets to an April Cardinal's game. These are great seats. Section 159 Row F, Seats 1,2,3 and 4. They are Diamond Box tickets . You will be sitting 6 rows back from third base next to the visitors dug out. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and the winner will be drawn on Saturday. Come try your luck of the Irish and support MEPSI . We will also be selling corned beef and cabbage plates for $8.00.... Sloppy Joe's and of course $1.00 jello shots. Hope to see you all there!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The March on Springfield for Marriage Equality

The March on Springfield for Marriage Equality will bring thousands to Illinois' capital at the state of the fall veto session of the Illinois General Assembly to demand they pass Senate Bill 10, the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act. We urge you all to join us this day. The time is now. Visit for full details including an FAQ, Travel Info, speakers concert info and more.

Rally/March Details
Tuesday October 22, 2013
Illinois State Capitol

401 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, Illinois
Noon-1 PM: Entertainment
1 PM-2:30 PM: Rally
March around Capitol: 2:30-3:30 PM

Saturday, September 14, 2013

March on Springfield for Marriage Equality October 22,

March on Springfield for Marriage Equality

What you wear to the March on Springfield is your business. We won't judge, so long as you join us October 22. Not driving? Book your round trip now. NEW bus travel information now available online.
Rally/March Details
Tuesday October 22, 2013
Illinois State Capitol
401 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, Illinois
Noon-1 PM: Entertainment
1-2:30 PM: Rally
March around Capitol: 2:30-3:30 PM

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