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Sunday, April 12, 2015

All Things In The Fullness of Time

By: Colby Kluthe 
-Metro East NEWS

I suppose it is merely a new way of stating that patience is a virtue,  and not one that I have entirely mastered.   The first time I remember saying it was likely to Bryson regarding his journey and when that m path would lead him back to Joplin.  And dozens more times I have reminded myself to be patient and trust that everything will fall into place exactly when it should  and rarely when we want.

Perhaps this is the key to why the phrase has become so annoying to hear myself say or even to think of in my own insomniac mind.  Nonetheless,  it really is as true now as it was t he first time I said it.   If we simply sit back and relax,  the world will no doubt continue to spin just as it has for far longer than any of us can worry about it. 

However the very human part of us it seems  can't help ourselves from fretting the outcome of which is rarely in doubt.  We are always it seems going to wonder when or how soon, perhaps even questioning if we can muster the patience to see.

The example in my life is that I have waited for ten days for my SNAP account to replenish,  allowing me to buy groceries for the coming month.   Admittedly I failed to budget well last month, and therefore the account was spent nearly two weeks ago.   So as anyone would, you get creative and start to uncover the dark and forgotten places in the pantry.  

 To make my point, the pantry has been wiped out except two cans of spinach and a can of green beans,  and a previously opened box of mac n cheese.    Now again, the outcome is not in question for I  KNOW that my SNAP always becomes available on the 12th, at 7 am.    Nonetheless my anxiety finds me unable to sleep and sitting on the couch simply watching the clock and reluctantly watching infomercials that I have undoubtedly seen a dozen times over.

Why is it that the home stretch seems to be the longest mile?  And why must I remind myself "All things in th we fullness of time"?  On this occasion it serves mostly to taunt my psyche it seems.  Much the way life does, in any aspect of consideration. 

And yet, I remind myself and you that the outcome is not really in question.  Grace had it covered long before we began to fret or fidget about any of n it.   And this time as so many times before,  everything falls into place in just the right time.   Again,  not when we wanted but always just as we needed. 

Three hours to go. ..but who's counting 
"All things in the fullness of time "

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